Accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with B (Affliated to Mahathma Gandhi University)
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Our Principal

Globally the world of Higher Education is changing quickly and dramatically. Keeping in tune with changing times there have been, in recent years, numerous changes in the broader landscape of Indian Higher Education. It is a known fact that change is impossible without learning, just as learning is impossible without change. Current needs suggest that we must learn to view the world and therefore education, in a new way. With new forms of knowledge pervading all aspects of society, education must provide learners the capacity to be creative and innovative. New teaching/learning approaches that enable the development of critical and creative thinking should be fostered and encouraged. As the focus on student experience has increased, so has the intensity of scrutiny on the quality of teaching.

In order to meet the educational challenges in times of liquid modernity and of blurring of borders across disciplines, we must move from sporadic learning towards lifelong learning. But the quality of learning mainly depends on the ability and the capability of the learners to achieve from the opportunity available with them. Through education, individuals should acquire the capacity to take decisions and act effectively in accordance with those decisions. At the same time they should also develop not only personal and social qualities but also survival skills.

St. Thomas College, Ranni aims to provide quality education to students and ensures that the educational experience here will lead not only to the liberation of mind but will empower them to meet the challenges of life by making them self- reliant, confident and sensitized individuals who will contribute to nation building as responsible citizens of the country.

Prof. Dr. Lata Marina Varghese