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Various Inter Departmental Competitions

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A quiz competition was conducted on Oct 5th by the NSS Volunteers of the history department base on the life, views, ideas and the national movements of Gandhiji.

A debate completion was conducted as an inter departmental competition among students for sharing their ideas on the topic “ Gandhiji’s views and generations views on the ideas of Gandhiji”  on 16.10.2018 . It was a very competitive topic and new generations share their ideas. The competition was judged by Prof. Anish M. Abraham, Assistant professor of History department and Prof. Riji Idicula, Assistant Professor in Politics. Five teams were the participant and each team consist two students. One was the favorer of  Gandhiji’s views and other was the antagonist.  The teams representing the department were Commerce, English, Chemistry, Zoology, Tourism and Economics. Department of English score higher points and won first prize (Bipin T Biju & Emmanuel Tomy) followed by department of Zoology (Stenny Mary Abraham & Sreelekshmi M Nair) . The individual competitor as best debater (Merlin Mol)  was selected from the department of Economics