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Department of Botany -Institute visit (CPCRI, Kayamkulam),Visit to Mangrove Ecosystem

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On 26th June 3rd semester students visited CPCRI, KayamkulamThe Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI) is a renowned research institute under Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. CPCRI has six regional centers. KAyamkulam CPCRI is one among those centers.  We were welcomed and Dr. Rajeev Gopinath guided  us. The nursery visit helped to know about various coconut varieties.  Dr. Joseph Raj Kumar,  Principal Scientist (Agrl. Entomology),  and Dr. Joseph, Scientist in Entomology Division demonstrated his experimental plot regarding intercropping.

After visiting Krishnapuram place, an archeologically important palace at Krishnapuram, 25 students and 3 staffs from Dept of Botany went to Ayiramthengu for visiting the mangrove ecosystem.  Ayiramthengu mangrove (9 06 to 9 08 N:76.28 to 76.29 E) is an important part of kayamkulam estuary and it situated about 6 km west of Ochira town and the bank of kayamkulam estuary. Ayiramthengu mangrove forest was declared an environment hot spot

after it was ravaged by the Tsunami 2004 and threatened with extinction. We could come across about 9 species of mangrove vegetation.  The vivipary nature of mangroves and the occurrence of aerial breathing roots were new experience to students