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Birth star plant garden

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As per Indian astrology, trees can relieve person from depression, sickness, physical, mental and social trouble stress by planting a tree/plant relevant to the constellation existing at the time of his/her birth.  Each tree keeps giving energy to that particular person/people born during that particular star and the regular worship would come all prosperity in one’s life. Moreover, when a tree of any kind is planted, the result would come to the whole world. So Dept of Botany initiated a program to set a garden of Birth Star plant.

            The plants were collected with the help of students from various parts of Pathanamthitta.  Separate space was provided by the college management to construct star forest.  The planting programme was officially inaugurated by Dr. Abhilash R., winner of Vanamitra Award 2019 hosted by Department of Forests and Wildlife, Government of Kerala. All the birth star plants were planted in our Star Forest.