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Chemistry events 2016-2017

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Activities of chemistry dept.2016-17 was inaugurated by former HOD,prof .Betsy Paul.

We have already started an enrichment programme for the 8th and 9 th students of St. Thomas school to extend the waves of chemistry .As a part of this programme , demonstration classes, training programmes were conducted this year also.



Demonstration of simple experiments

1. Titrations

2. Separation  using column chromatography

3. Mixture analysis


A one day training programme on internet searching, Microsoft word  etc


Power point presentation on Chemistry in everyday life


Power point presentation on Environmental hazards of plastics


Booster programme  for higher secondary school students  including demonstration classes, quiz competitions  were also conducted.

Pencil drawing competition based on the topic ‘Effect of ozone depletion’  and essay writing  based on the topic ;Ozone and climate change; were conducted for the high school students of various schools  and prizes were distributed.